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Our Caregivers

Our caregivers, special people we refer to as SG Care Angels, take everyday activities and transform them into opportunities to communicate and engage with our clients

SG Care Angels are selected after a rigorous interviewing process including background checks and personal and professional references. They then undergo training and formal certification and continue to receive regular training both internally and from external agencies. 

Every one of our SG Care Angels is a Singapore citizen or permanent resident above 40 years of age with a wealth of professional experience. They come from diverse local races and are able to speak local dialects so that they can communicate effectively with our clients. Most importantly, they are SG Care Angels because they have the heart, passion, empathy and patience in the field of elderly care.

All our SG Care Angels are employees and not contract staff. They are also fully insured for both their safety as well as our clients'.

Become a Comfort Keeper

Become a SG Care Angel

Meet our SG Care Angels

Senior Comfort Keeper Cyril

Comfort Keeper Cyril is a senior caregiver who has taken care of the elderly in nursing homes and at their residence, and has regularly escorted the elderly for rehabilitation sessions. He has taken care of end-stage cancer patients, individuals with cerebral palsy, elderly suffering from Parkinson’s disease, elderly with mobility issues, as well as those with other special circumstances, during his caregiving career.

 “When I first started as a caregiver, I had already taken care of elderly family members regularly.  It was natural for me to want to continue helping the elderly.  Every care recipient has his own unique requirements and personality and it is this challenge that makes the job always interesting for me. I find it meaningful and fulfilling to be able to help the elderly so that they can remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home."

Senior Comfort Keeper Kris

Comfort Keeper Kris is a senior caregiver who has spent more than a decade working in nursing homes and taking care of the elderly in their home. She has extensive experience with elderly who are bed-ridden, elderly who are suffering from late-stage dementia, individuals living with motor-neuron disease and elderly battling schizophrenia, just to name a few.

"I have a soft spot for the elderly and compassion for those who need assistance emotionally or physically. I have a natural ability to connect with the elderly and feel a calling and passion for ensuring their well-being and safety. Taking care of the elderly has been my work for nearly 2 decades and at this point, I feel like I can continue for another 2 decades!"

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"Caring for the elderly can sometimes be very challenging  especially when you meet a very demanding or unreasonable client (bad temper and frustrations can sometimes accompany ageing.)   However, Comfort Keepers has taken ample due diligence during the home assessment. This helps the caregiver to take on suitable jobs, perform and serve to the best of their abilities to meet client needs."

Senior Comfort Keeper Esther

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